Saturday, August 19, 2006

Stupid People

I hate stupid people, I run into them everyday with working with cell phones. Don't complain to me that you cell sucks when its with another carrier. Go home stupid people. What worst about stupid people, it that they seem to get far in life.... Think about it, how often have you said " Who did they have to sleep with to get that job?" cause they are highly under qualified.

Done Ranting now


Thursday, August 17, 2006

I has been a while.

So... It has been a while since the last time I updated this thing. So over the last 5 months I have been planing a wedding to my wonderful fiance Melissa. Looking fo a new job. Looking after a cripple, who is only 50% cripple now. Renovating the new house, and hosting parties there as well. Playing baseball, soon to be playing Dodgeball as well. What else..... Oh, where is the next Sopel Cook off, with me being the only person not to win, I want my chance.

Thanks all for now

Peace out

Monday, March 13, 2006


I guess I just saved my last post as a Draft.

Any whos, I bought a house with my lovley fiance Melissa. Its a nice 2 bedrooms (large bedrooms) 1 1/2 story house. Its got a real fireplace, gas, with a bathroom that is huge ( its got a tub and shower seperate, with 2 sinks). The basement is only about 6" tall, I am crouching but Melissa runs around and says it is great. Possesion date is May 26/06, so all of you with trucks can help. Now all that is left is selling the double wide, we never made the offer with the pending sale of our current home so we may be stuck with 2 houses for a bit. The double wide will be our guest house, that is about 10 miles away.

Thats all for today.

Steven out

Friday, February 03, 2006

Whats new pussy cat, whoa whoa whoa


So I know its been a while since I have posted... Whats new.... The puppy that I got, a minpin, named Danger is the bounciest puppy ever. I think Melissa is turning the dog into a suck.

We are now house hunting, thats right, I am giving up the Double Wide of Paradise for a house that doesn't have signal lights on it. I think we found one place and I think we are going to put an offer on it soon, as soon as I can come up with a down deposit. Does anybody want to buy a trailer??? Anybody???

I am getting married,,, I know,,, the funny thing is when we told our family they were not surprised at all. I am thinking of having 2 socials, one on Labour Day weekend, Sept 3/06, its a Sunday and nobody has to work the next day. I am also thinking on a second social in Brandon on Good Friday, again because nobody works that day. We have a date planned, and thats June 9/07 in Clear Lake.

I will par-take in the next Sopel Challenge. Biscottis here I come. I will take this one, people will think I am British because my Biscottis will taste and look so good.

I will try to do this bloggging thing more often.


Monday, December 12, 2005

The New Store

I have moved stores, I am in a brand new store, open three days now. Every thing is so shiny, and things rotate on the shelves. By the By Jason, I am at my old cell number now (7447) so stop texting Melissa.

Stevn Out.